The 81st International Geneva Motorshow has a timely “Green Vision”

I learned this morning in the paper that oil has skyrocketed to $104 a barrel. Whoa. Feels like it’s time to go cold turkey. Not so realistic, but here are some cars made in the US of A that are cutting down! The Geneva Auto Show opened last week and is promoting plenty of “green” automobiles. Critics are saying the notoriously exotic high-end showcase is sending a mixed message, i.e. horsepower binges and cars that run on ethanol but have less fuel efficiency. A top seller was, naturally, the new Lamborghini Reventon, which for the price of $1.6 million you get  650 horsepower. With stats like that,  looks a bit more like a wild car orgy than a responsible shift to green. Does it take a major price hike or an oil crisis to finally motivate people to buy & make environmentally friendly cars?

The answer is probably yes.  And yet there were some great American eco-cars the show had to offer! The big wigs were Tesla and Fisker, both who convert classic shells to luxury electric sports cars. Fisker unveiled the super cool Artega GT with a carbon fiber body and ready to install battery-powered drive-train, 0-60 mph in just 4.3 seconds. Check out the Karma too.  Also supa stealth Telsa hit a benchmark of 1,500 Roadsters sold  in January, an estimated savings of 420,000 gallons of gas.

What about for with bank accounts more closely resembling mine? The Chevy Volt is  promising example, finally hitting the roads and cruising with Motor Trends 2011 Car of the Year Award.  There are also plenty of colors and options to choose from.  It starts around $40,000 makes it a bit more, ahem, affordable.


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2 responses to “The 81st International Geneva Motorshow has a timely “Green Vision”

  1. Papasan

    With stats like that it is more like a.. What is there for those with bank accounts … It is spelled “ahem”

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