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“Green” consumers lead the path to environmental change.

Are we really debating in the Green world whether the Earth (yes I like to capitalize it) is our “home” or our “mother”? In my opinion we have bigger fish to … save! The Earth is my home and yes the essence of my origin so therefore like my “mother”, but are we really anthropomorphizing the Planet? While I let the more philosophical environmentalists figure this one out, let’s go back to shopping! Shallow?! I don’t think so. The “Green” industry is big; 83% of consumers considers themselves a shade of green (From The New Rules of Green Marketing, a must read!). Individual consumers are demanding environmental products and leading the crusade to save our home, or Mom, or how about Planet?!

I am very supportive of events like Earth Day New York. It is important to showcase large corporations like Home Depot and smaller grassroots companies like Mushana,-selling apparel made by women in Uganda- that are practicing environmental, and sustainable business models.  Sustainable food suppliers like Silk Soymilk, LaraBar, Cascadian Farms & Zico coconut water are equally integral. Lets not forget our oil addiction; the cure is alternative fuel vehicles such as the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, Novozymes, and e-Star Trucks, all shown in the CO2 Fashion Show (Times Sq. Earth Day 4/22). Consumers have massive power. Imagine a world free of toxins, where everything was organic and had a cradle to cradle lifecycle…where cars and cities ran mostly on sunlight, wind power and bio-fuel…this could happen, all we have to do is ask for it- no demand it. Corporations and small businesses are listening, so lets educate them and ourselves. Knowledge could not be made possible without environmental charities and non-profits.  Nor would it be possible without investments in green technology by corporations, like Toshiba, and also smaller businesses, like Green Mountain Energy, taking the chance on new innovations. Check out the AnvilKnitwear PSA for inspiration and tell me I’m wrong about consumer power.

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Earth Day New York is throwing a party in Times Sq. & Grand Central Station!

What do pencils and insurance have in common? Not much, except that they both have “green” options. My friend Erin T. ran into a common problem when shopping for pencils the other day. She was debating what’s the more environmental choice; mechanical or recycled? She chose the fancy recycled ones only to find out later that the mechanical, which uses less material overall, were the best choice.  I attended a Solar1 event at The Green Space last week where I met people selling Green IT services & Green Insurance services.  Indeed every time I step out the door and into a shop I see “green” products abound.  Everything is washed in green these days.  And just because a company uses the words green, environmental, recycled, natural, etc. doesn’t guarantee that it is doing its best to actually be a responsible environmentally conscious company.  So how do you tell? This is the big question TrueBlueGreen is looking for the answer to.

Luckily, it isn’t all hard work. It’s Earth Day and that means time to celebrate!  New York City is chock full of great events, including where yours truly will be, Earth Day New York. A giant street fair with entertainment taking place in Times Square  and Grand Central Terminal, Inside & Outside (w/live music) this weekend! Follow us on Twitter or Facebook  for the run down. All the exhibitors at this event are carefully screened to meet Earth Day New York standards. See the full list here. It’s a great chance to see great products making the right choices!

Don’t miss the CO2 E Drive: Green Vehicle Drive & Green Vehicle Fashion Show!

Press Conference: 8:00am at Solar One (East 23rd and the East River) CO2 E Drive: 9am – 10:45am

Green Vehicle Fashion Show in Times Square: 11am – 12pm

Green Vehicle public exhibition: 12pm -5pm

Old-Soulz presents: Earth Day New York “Be the E” PSA 2011

Earth Day New York will dedicate a full hour of its live programming and public service time on its Times Square partner screens to the Green World Campaign’s innovative cell phone initiative inviting people to “text TREE” to fund global tree-planting. This work supports the United Nations Year of Forests 2011.

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My shameless crush on Trader Joe’s, I love you!

I have to confess something, I love TJ’s, and yes that would be Trader Joe’s.  I’m not ashamed to say I have a huge crush on the place. Where else can a girl get her organic produce, recycled yogurt cup tooth brushes and witty tissue paper boxes? Furthermore the staff is always friendly, maybe it’s the Hawaiian shirts…

Ok, I know I am not the first one to come up with this ground breaking idea-but really it’s the best place to get gluten free. vegan, vegetarian, fat-free, quick, kosher, & sodium free food for killer prices! Nothing in the store has artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, no GMO’s, no MSG, and no added Trans Fats.  They provide high quality choices all for a realistic price. Which is really important for America, we need more grocers like them to bring high quality food to ALL Americans.

It’s also the attitude that Trader Joe’s adopts; they are fun, not pretentious and they’re accessible to the masses, judging by the lines out the door. This company is the true-blue place for green groceries! *Kudos to their graphic team also (seriously, the tissue box, I’m not the only one!) and don’t get me started on the wine store in Union Sq.
Check out what’s in my basket and those plastic bags are re-used from my stash at home.

Get the answers to your TJ questions here. And check out the Customer Updates and Neighborhood activities!



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Do this, not that. Really easy ways to eco-fy your home!

  1. Buy recycled content paper products! Trader Joes offers a lovely line of very affordable options. In this day and age there’s really no excuse and it’s not so cool that certain manufacturers haven’t gotten on this already! Better yet, use cloth napkins and microfiber cloths to clean.
  2. Use a filter or buy a Bobble, I mean really. For god sake don’t use bottled water!!!  If you must buy into the “spring water” ploy make sure it really is spring water, not just re-processed, including adding artificial flavoring, municipal water and buy it in bulk, aka large, reusable jugs.
  3. Check out supplies like Method and Seventh Generation for some good house hold cleaners that won’t make you worried about getting cancer every time you clean your bathroom. Ditch the sponge for something biodegradable or has a longer lifecycle than a couple weeks.
  4. Unplug! The toaster, the computer, hairdryer, phone changer when not in use. A plug left in an outlet still captures electrical charge and is like leaving the faucet running, which brings us to…
  5. Use less water. Take slightly shorter showers, turn off the water while you brush your teeth, only run the dishwasher and washing machines when full. If you have a yard, consider using drip irrigation and collected rain water to hydrate it.
  6. You’re cold, so tempting to turn up the heat right? Reach for a sweater and a hot beverage instead, or better yet install a wood burning stove or gas fireplace. You’re hot? May I suggest just getting as naked as possible and turning on a fan!
  7. Install Energy Star products when it’s time to replace old items. Consider going the whole 9 yards by getting solar panels or exploring waste water recycling methods that are permitted in your area.
  8. Eat organic, vegan and local as much as possible they all help to lower your carbon impact on the earth.
  9. Use the dryer less, it’s a major energy waster!
  10. Compost if possible! It’s a great way to cut down on household waste and I put my paper towels & bio-degradable utensils in it too!

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Major Swedish retailer takes a leap into green fashion

So I’d been avoiding one of my favorite clothing stores because they didn’t seem like a “green” company. But yesterday I was in need of some retail therapy and I went in “just to look”… and picture this my friends-front and center-green tags advertising … yes thats right sustainable products!!! Now thats the kind of retail therapy I’m talkin’ about!


Featuring many recycled materials such as polyester, (made from bottles and remnants) polyamide (made from fishing nets), recycled wool. And thats not all! They also feature organic cotton, denim & linen.

That’s not all, they also rolled out a winter wear line free of fluorocarbons!


Check out this video and take a gander at my fabulous, affordable enviro-friendly digs!

Sustainable fashion with H&M

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