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Levi’s Jeans, Looptworks, & Patagonia: Clothing Companys Do Us Right with Green Initatives.

Levi’s Getting it Right: Hitting the pavement last weekend I was pleased to find great clothing companies doing some great things for us and the environment. While wandering 14th Street towards Union Square I caught this sign outside the Levi’s store. Yeah, I’ll admit to keeping it yellow myself. This is the TRUEbluegreen.  Turns out, from an article I read recently, Levi’s has the best construction, threads per inch, with a high score on the rub test, not as sexy as it sounds sadly. They also make pretty much everyones a#* look awesome! With their Water<Less campaign they look even sexier, even if they keep it mellow.

By changing their typical manufacturing process they were able to save an average %28 water. They also partner with the Better Cotton Initiative to use less water and prevent chemicals from getting into the water stream. Watch the very catchy PSA video “Why Waterless?”.

Patagonia and Looptworks Lead: Moving right on downtown, I stopped in the Patagonia SoHo store and found this startling fact on the tag of a laptop case. Looptworks, 100% upcycled clothing, gets it right by diverting fabric scraps and turning them into some pretty hot digs.

I also learned, from the friendly sales rep Kevin, about Patagonia’s  The Footprint Chronicles, which equally awesomely allows you to do a life cycle analysis, tracking the environmental impact of a certain product from design to delivery. This is really just one of the many programs and Patagonia undertakes to affirm their position as a sustainable brand, with solid environmental and CSR practices.

AND I am still looking for the perfect running shoe and was stoked when Kevin showed me the Specter, a women’s  running shoe made with recycled content. I’m conducting my own life cycle challenge with these contenders and the Brooks Running, who makes some of their soles biodegradable. See more here. I’ve also been picking up buzz about Nike and their sustainability projects. Any other ideas any one??

OH AND Pangea Organics is giving away a One-Year Supply of Beauty Products!!! Get a years worth of their incredible Ecocentric Body, Skin & Lip Care ($1,662 value). The more people who enter, the more prizes will be released – so feel free to pass it along. To enter,visit:http://bit.ly/FPFSweeps (U.S. Only). Drawing will take place on July 1st. Good luck!

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Can a running shoe be enviro-friendly and durable? The quest is on!

My last trail run with the ole running shoes was rough, I could feel every pebble. Guess it’s time for some new kicks!  I’m making a huge effort to purchase environmentally conscious products, so I am challenging myself to do some research. Can I find a great pair of running shoes that are eco-friendly, durable and provide the comfort my knees need?

A quick search on the internets reaped some great choices, check them out! AND stay tuned for the pair I end up taking home.

Brooks is definitely blazing the trail with their BioMoGo technology, which makes it easier for anaerobic microbes to eat away at the insoles and mid-soles.  Meaning that their shoes de-compose 50 times faster than a normal tennis shoe! Perhaps their best option, living up to its namesake; The Green Silence,  uses soy based inks and dyes, bio-degradable insoles, collar and mid-soles and post consumer recycled material for its other parts.

Patagonia is another great leader in sustainable footwear. Their rubber and polyester is recycled, they use water based solvents and stitching to eliminate the use of toxic adhesives. Some are made with natural latex extracted from trees sustainably and they even have vegan options!

Check out Patagonias’ ultra environmental all-terrain shoe the Hemp Bly.

New Balance is manufactured in the USA, which is a big plus. Big companies like Nike and Reebok are also making new strides to clean up their production and materials.

You can always recycle your old runners too!

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