Stop GMO’s from getting into your plants: Pangea Organics Ecocentric Bodycare a beautiful thing!

The Fashion Institutes Liquid Planet 5th annual Sustainable Business & Design Conference featured great speakers, causes and  awesome packaging/product designs from students. (Check out the very cool you-would-never-know it’s bubble wrap purse, middle). I was extra happy I arrived just in time to catch a few minutes of the speech by Joshua Onysko, Founder & CEO of Pangea Organics.  I love a good word mash-up and Onysko doesn’t disappoint with this company moto: Ecocentric Bodycare: Always Beneficial, Never Artificial. Pangea has been on my radar as they are based in my hometown Boulder, CO. The company name refers to the one big super continent that existed before the Tectonic Plates divided. I love the story of how Joshua got his start, (it really speaks to the idea of pursuing your dreams and making soap in your garage). He’s a genuine speaker and very crush worthy.

It gets even better with the message Joshua conveys through his products and his non-profit organization, the Pangea Institute.  The institute is dedicated to exploring and teaching sustainable lifestyles and business practices. They also support Women for Women International , helping women who are victims of war and other conflict by giving them the tools to be self-sufficient. This is what I love from businesses -the whole  mission of Pangea is to conduct itself as a socially responsible, mindful and environmentally aware brand. Major points from this sustainable connoisseur! These guys demonstrate holistic, all encompassing environmental activism. The founder Josh Onysko is incredibly passionate and accessible which is reflected in his products. Through his personal blog  and the Pangea Facebook page, he is crusading for his planet.

By the way, Pangea was the first company to introduce biodegradable, compostable, ‘plantable’ packaging!!!  His products are always natural, good for you and the Earth. Here’s more, they say it best themselves:

Pangea products are (and always will be):
• Crafted by artisans in small batches, using pure, organic ingredients that replenish the skin
• Hand-blended to soothe or stimulate your senses
• Preserved using the gentlest of methods to retain the nurturing properties of the botanicals in each customized blend
• Intentionally sourced from organic farmers through fair trade practices whenever possible
• Honest above all else: if it’s in our products, it’s on our labels

Check out Joshua’s latest blog entry where he really breaks down the difficulty of regulation in the cosmetics industry. He highlights the especially scary stuff that’s in most beauty products. Here’s a good tid-bit: most products are designed to only work for 6 hours, giving the effect of promised improvement but only temporarily. Yuck!

Among my personal must-haves in the Pangea line is the Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry Mask, it’s the ultimate skin whisperer.  Yum to Joshua and Pangea!

FYI- Pangea has a Free Product Friday sweepstakes on Facebook, go check it out!



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2 responses to “Stop GMO’s from getting into your plants: Pangea Organics Ecocentric Bodycare a beautiful thing!

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  2. My cousin used to carry this line at their store… great stuff!

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